Sunday, 10 July 2016

Choice of suburbs

You mentioned that your friend gave you a list of suburbs to avoid, and those which were desirable. Would you be so kind as to share that information? It would be really helpful, as we are looking at prospective places to rent/settle down in. Thanks in advance! Hope you're doing well in Melbourne. ;)

Hi JustBe,

Thanks for your comment.

Judging by the way you phrased the question, I was once given a guide, go to and sort by price. I would like to direct you to the priciest suburbs if you want something 'desirable'. This is probably most applicable to your situation.

Bear in mind that all crime happens in the west and north, eastern suburbs are not at all congested and you can travel from Noble Park to the city in morning peak traffic by car in 15 minutes. Apex is a myth, a girl did not get stabbed in Doncaster in broad daylight, carjackings only occur in Werribee/Sunshine/St Albans and only trains on the Sunshine and Werribee lines break down.
We did the exact opposite of what I suggested to you, btw. But we're big time masochists. Or tight arses. Probably both.

Suburbs can be a contentious issue, much like choice of religion, operating system, choice of cars. I tend to go against the grain, so I'm not too certain I can offer any useful advice to you.


Which migration agent did we use?

hi there, came across your blog while searching for migration cost. the costing table above did not indicate agent fee. may i know which agent you went to? 

No agent was involved. Agent fee = $0.00

will you withdraw all your cpf money one day and buy a house in aussie instead?

Already bought a house. We can probably pay it off in full by next year, without the need for any CPF injection. But yeah, we will probably withdraw our CPF asap anyway, and consider buying another place to cut the commute/invest etc...