Friday, 23 May 2014

Breakneck Pace

Hi everyone,

Some of you may be wondering what has happened to us since the last few posts.

In short, things have progressed at a breakneck pace. We are not prepared to update everything here just yet. And in fact we have discussed and realised that as we want to put everything about sg behind us, this blog will probably be one of the things we let go of. That time will come, and we will make it very clear when we do pen our final post.

In the meantime, expect nothing from us about events in sg. We generally avoid following all sg-related news, except anything that concerns us, which is two things: NS and CPF. We won't comment on either on this blog, because we have no interest in that anymore.

A quick summary of updates, some of which we may have blogged about before but I can't be stuffed to check back on our previous posts though I do still publish and reply to comments when I feel like it:

- House hunting
- Swam with seals and dolphins
- Got a forklift license
- Completed my Certificate 3 in Warehousing Operations
- Motorbike license
- Had two delivery jobs, quit one soon after, now quitting the second
- Starting my apprenticeship at a new workshop
- Bought a 2013 Honda CB400 aka Super Four Revo (yes, as a fresh bikie I'm allowed to ride one here, some of you are probably jealous though that's not my intention). I'm really into bikes now, after years of being conditioned not to want one, mostly by my parents.
- Done a real 4WD trip in our Subaru Forester with a local 4WD club
- Did free labour car servicing for a few members of Melbourne SG Kampung (thanks for your support, guys! To the small handful who supported me anyway)
- Thyroid levels stabilising. Antibodies still very high, which means I may need to irradiate or remove the damn thing, but all hormone levels are good and getting better. Free healthcare for now does give me the latitude to get checked more often and adjust my dose accordingly.
- A is cycling to work almost every day, in temperatures of as low as 6 degrees. No sweat (ok lame, but of course)
- I've been motorbiking in weather that has local Aussies labelling me as crazy. Below 5 degrees, using the very same armoured kit which I wear in summer. Again, no sweat. (ha ha).
- I've gone riding in the hills carving corners following my friend in his sports car. Again, not trying to make anyone jealous, just saying. Probably not the wisest thing to do as a 2 month-old rider, but I've got a good bike and I think I'm relatively cautious and competent and ride within my limits.

It's been over six months since we've landed here, and there have been ups and downs as expected. Life here can be as much of a struggle in sg, in our case probably much more so, to be honest. But every step has meant something, and we remain as sure as ever that we are home.

In the meantime, what do you want to read about, or hear more of? Do let us know and we'll try to oblige. Except for commentary on sg, as mentioned earlier. Ask freely, but that won't be given!