Life in Australia

Now that the seemingly hard part is over, one might expect life to be a bed of roses in Australia. Rest assured that we'll tell it like it is. Trials, tribulations, little victories... Expect to hear the full gamut of this roller coaster ride!

So take this overview page as a work-in-progress, where the end is never in sight.

Because, this is just the beginning of the rest of our lives.

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  2. Hi there, I am thinking of applying for PGDE. My reasons are very practical. I have used your website and checked my personal motives: I want to move to Australia (as my partner is Australian) ultimately, I wish to be bonded to be able to afford my own house for the next 4-5 years, I wish to get a "free" degree as I my tuition fees are being paid for under this programme, hence gaining a free postgraduate diploma, and to leave the industry to become a private tutor at the end of 3-4 years.

    My query is this: Do you think that the PDGE is REALLY (in practical terms) internationally-recognised and has helped you find a job in Australia?

    1. Herlina, yes it is internationally-recognised (not sure if it's EVERY country, but certainly in Oz).

      Doesn't exempt you from having to get it assessed by AITSL and having to register for teaching license here. Same goes for local Aussie teachers who need to renew their licenses annually.

      It has got A and I here. But she did not go into teaching over here. So I guess we can't really answer the second part of your question


  3. I know you've posted this post a while ago, but I came across your post while researching as I am also a Singapore citizen who has lived there all my life (18 years) and just recently moved to Australia for University :) This post was great to read! My brother is moving there in a few months and I will share this post with him too! xx

  4. Hi
    im not sure if you still read your blog as your post were some 2 years ago. anyway I see similarity with you. I first visited melbourne last year and since then all i can think about is moving my family there. I would like to connect via email if thts ok.

  5. Hi hi.. your blog is very informative. Nice job! Were you able to convert ur sg license directly to AU license without taking test? Is class 3A recognized there for conversion?